Opinions on FeedLounge (or other Web-based RSS readers)?


So FeedBurner tells me that a number of you feed subscribers out there are using FeedLounge. With the sad demise of SearchFox I’m in the market for a new Web-based RSS reader.

Because I’m still a devotee of FeedDemon (the best RSS reader on the face of the earth), I’m going to take a look at NewsGator Online again for all the exciting synchonization goodness and whatnot, and perhaps see whether Bloglines has made any changes since last I looked; since I’m not at all familiar with FeedLounge, though, I’d be interested in hearing a bit about it from current users.

And as long as we’re talking feed consumption, while I don’t think that any other Web-based readers (or standalone apps, for that matter) currently facilitate the attention-focused “river of news” consumption style that I’ve come to love about SearchFox, it would be great to be proved wrong on that. Please let me know if you’ve got any recommentations.