No, Seriously, I Have to Stop Posting about Bad Patents


It’s not even an issue that I spend a lot of time thinking about, but others keep pointing these things out and I’m invariably horrified. Then I have to share my horror with all of you. Enjoy.

Today’s delight comes via Techdirt, being another little gem filed by Microsoft. The original submitter summarizes the claim as “an ‘invention’ that consists of retrieving the previous or next 20 records from a database in response to ‘previous’ or ‘next’ buttons”, which seems fairly accurate. I summarize it as “one of the most common answers given by Web developers when we pose the question ‘how would you allow a user to quickly and easily page through the ordered results of a query, 50 items at a time, when that query returns 1,000 rows?’ during their job interviews.”

I promise that I’ll come up with something else to post about soon…have a nice Friday, everyone, and to you developers out there — don’t use any SQL statements in the form of SELECT TOP 20 * FROM Table WHERE (Table.Field1>Current Maximum Field1) OR (Table.Field1=Current Maximum Field1 AND Table.Field2>Current Maximum Field2) today, or you’ll be stepping on Microsoft’s intellectual property. Consider yourselves warned.