Mars Wants Women


…and startup Affini, currently offering a Beta product, wants to stop spam in an exciting new way! Oh, and by the way, they also want you to provide a fair amount of demographic information! And if you want to provide them with information on your paypal account or credit card, you’ll get access to vaguely defined “additional features that require an added level of trust”!

I have to give them some credit though…there aren’t many startups that manage to pack quite so many buzzwords into their pitch: see, it’s an anti-spam company, but it’s also a social software/networking company, with a hint of penny black-style micropayments for email to spice things up. If only they’d figured out a way to get RSS into the mix…or perhaps that’s coming in the next release.

I’d write more on Affini’s services, but after registering and poking around on their site I’m too confused to even try to explain it It’s not actually a Web-based email account, you have to pay (currently “tokens” but eventually cash) to send email to other Affini members, non-Affini members have to “verify their identity” before they can send mail to you…I’m still not entirely clear how I would actually *send* email from my address without manually changing my email client settings, and the emails that I’ve sent to that address are bouncing with the message that the user is unknown in the virtual alias table.

Affini has put together a fascinating offering…whatever it is. I suppose that they can honestly claim to be the market leader in their space…whatever it is. VCs, don’t miss this opportunity to invest in Affini…whatever it is.