Lemons and Lemonade. Pulpy Goodness.


Three days ago I was in the Garden of the Gods, just outside Colorado Springs, climbing around on incredible rock formations and enjoying the sun.

Today? Fate takes its cut. Four days before we planned on a scheduled “real world learning experience” changeover from our production database to our standby, we had to make the change to our standby. Like, now. And since we were rebuilding a nice, clean standby for the scheduled change, we had recently blown away the standby that was keeping up very nicely, about three minutes behind production. And the new standby was still 24 hours behind when production went all pear-shaped. And that was fucking excellent.

Not the sort of day that one would choose to have, were one given a choice about such things, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I work with some really good people. We’ve long since been up and running, and it’s starting to look like our tests hold true: the standby machine is doing an excellent job…possibly better than the much more expensive production box. Perhaps that’s something that we’ll discuss with the production machine’s vendor in the near future.

Anyway, the point is: we were given lemons, so we made lemonade. Actually, nobody gave us any sugar or water, so I think that what we did was pound the crap out of some lemons and then laugh maniacally as the juice splattered everywhere. Though maybe that was just me. Whatever.