Bugmenot.com down…but why?


Anyone who happens to use Bugmenot (or its excellent Firefox/Mozilla plugin) to skip over the multitude of registrations required to access content on many Web sites will notice that the site’s not there anymore. Usenet suggests that it’s been down since Tuesday, but I haven’t come across any reliable information on why.

There’s a machine sitting there that looks like somebody could be restoring from bare metal and backups following an ugly hardware mishap [yes, that’s why you don’t put your coffee cup down on top of the server], but it could also be due to the appearance of “legal pressure” of the sort that the operators have been concerned about.

Anyone got more information?

Update: According to a post on Mozillazine, bugmenot’s hosting provider pulled the plug, and they’re looking for a new home. I don’t expect that it’ll take too long for them to find one. Bets on how long before the site is back up and running?