Fragemented Discussion


Earlier today, James sent me an email noting that he had commented both on Andy’s recent blog post and on the link to Andy’s blog post on He had commented on the same piece of writing in two different places — and both places even use the same commenting engine — but the two discussions were entirely separate. You might participate in one without ever knowing that the other existed.

That led James to suggest that it would be cool if all instances of the discussion around a blog post shared the same comments. I thought I remembered some experiments being done around that a few years ago, but I couldn’t dig up any examples, so I did the next best thing: I did a (really, really hacky) experiment myself.

If all goes well, by the time that you’re reading this the comments on my own blog (where this is posted) and on (where I’m posting a link) will be in sync with one another.

Does that make for a better discussion? Does it help or hurt the community feeling around discussion? I don’t know. Feel free to discuss.