• I bet the city name missing in the email was an oversight, not just lost in translation, but point taken. (and what will their tweets look like!)

    The web experience also lends itself to far more interactivity, with rollovers, tooltips, flyouts, and whatever else, whereas with email you almost need to think about it as a printed page: Am I telling people everything they need to know up front, and/or providing a good way for them to find out more.

    I like it when smart people don't have jobs and can write real blog posts… :)

  • You're probably right on the missing city name, though that's one item
    I left out regarding email: more oversights tend to slip through
    because email *feels* more transitory, even if the email is a template
    that you're going to send regularly.

    A new page on a site will go through many, many testing iterations
    because it feels substantial (or even permanent), but something like
    email usually doesn't get the same level of attention, because…well,
    because it's email, you know? Who reads that stuff, anyway? 😉

    And also: thanks!