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  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure I missed this when we were shooting the TV with potato guns. Seriously does anyone stil watch idol? I think the numbers is off quite a bit but they pay off the neilson ratings so they can charge a bunch to the ad guys.

  • its great to hear this….kris was my favourite idol….i love him..hope sucess to kris.

  • See ! That’s why it’s not a good idea to speak to mobile phones when crossing the street. Indeed, nice film clip.

  • I have been using it i saw a crazy jump in traffic so that's good for me… But yeah the risks are certainly there – more so on the users side than the person running the script

  • WOW. I've seen it all now. Blogging insurance. At least Al Gore didn't get his wish and tax every sale made online. But that's a whole other debate I guess.

  • Thank you Andy for your coverage here. I was not aware of this case. Additionally, your readers in the US might consider looking into a Legal Insurance program here called Pre-Paid Legal.

  • I know that I would not have known anything about the security risk had I not seen that post. I like the way you used screen shots to explain the risk. I am a visual learner.

  • articlesubmission

    thanks for the link…..i like it..