Admin Note: Shittiest Web Host Ever


So apparently this blog was down for the better part of 24 hours; that doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since the shittiest web host ever has been especially and outstandingly craptacular of late, but it was finally enough to get me off my ass.

I’ve moved seamonkeyrodeo to my MediaTemple hosting account (which is a very good web host, by the way), and have the following notes:

  1. Dear WordPress — being able to export one’s entire blog and import it into a clean WP install is great. Including the 6MB of comments that I’ve flagged as spam over the last few years in the export? Less great. Possibly even dumb.
  2. The URL for seamonkeyrodeo (karaoke mind control) is now, rather than One utterly arbitrary URL is as good as another, says I.
  3. For you feedreading types, I’ll save you a click and tell you that the blog looks exactly the same.
  4. Not that it matters to anyone but me, but links to old-style URLs will start redirecting to new-style URLs tonight or tomorrow night, depending on when I’m inspired to get my mod_redirect on.
  5. Also happy to say that I’m finally changing over to $yyyy/$mm/$title formatted permalinks, rather than $yyyy/$mm/$dd/$title — again, it doesn’t matter to anyone else, but it’s bugged me for years.

That is all. If you see anything out of the ordinary either happening or not happening on the site, let me know.