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  • briceachang

    By providing textbooks in like-new condition or better, flexible rental periods, and a simple return process, students can rent books at lower costs without having to purchase them at exorbitant prices,” thrift savings plan said Colin Barceloux, founder and CEO of BookRenter.com. “With BookRenter.com’s catalog now available through BookSwim, we hope to reach a new audience of college students who may have been unaware of our services

  • twitter had been a big explosion in the world wide web, many people are now following twitter, people liked it for it has cool features and give benefits to the usres especially for businessmans.

  • I’ll be reading your next post, I promise. Thanks.

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    I am not a user and might have never used the program. But just to see that guys like you are watching our interest. They are doing our dirty work for us so to speak so that we won’t get into any trouble.

  • Anonymous

    Iu2019m really glad Kris won! Adam Lambert was just too weird for me. He works well singing Kiss and other old stuff but I canu2019t see him putting out anything that I would like.

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  • hey if you love kris then i will suggest you for his next show just search on the google probably you will find the idea!

  • Andy, I don't agree with this one. Facts cannot be copyrighted. If the AP (or anyone else) reports that a person was arrested – and that is printed elsewhere, that is not content theft.

  • I mean, as long as they give credit where credit is due. It's going to be a huge mess to clean up all the quotes and social bookmarks leading to them.

  • this is a different issue although related to the above. Should social bookingmarking sites (or those who syndicate their content) have a moral/legal responsibilty to ensure that they are not being used in this way?

  • It is more a problem of terms of service too. If the mail account providers disallow it, and also Aweber, then I want to stay on the safe side.

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    i like your post..thanks

  • CL

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah tumblr!

  • Yet another great article, thank you.