Notes Related to the Apple Special Event

  1. Oh, the irony of it. Just yesterday I emailed Starbucks PR, asking whether there was any additional public information available on the Starbucks music download stations that Howard Schultz had teased at the start of this year. I guess I know why I didn’t hear anything back, now.
  2. I just walked back into the lobby of our office building with a sandwich; the maintenance guy just waved a distracted greeting to me, because he and some suit were busy talking about the iPhones that both were holding. But, of course, we all know that iPhone sales have been disappointing, so I’m not sure what to make of it…
  3. Did anybody else notice that the Zune just got shafted? Again? More on that when I have a little more time.
  4. My decision to give a miss to an immediate iPhone purchase? Totally vindicated. Totally. How do you like them apples, George?