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    Their scheme to get rid of the corpse escalates to the point where they have to chop up his body just to fit him into a small trunk. They then become paranoid, as they might turn on each other.

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    Wowu2026you use a lot of big words when you write. I had to dig out the dictionary to follow along! But Iu2019ve been told Iu2019m a little sloooowu2026

  • I may not be using Twitter the way one is “supposed to,” and I have a hard time seeing what value I’m adding to the collective with my tweets, but I’m going to stay with it.

  • Pathetic or not, your involvement has been a vital goad in the results we've had so far. Thank you for the spotlight you've brought to bear on Vlad's persecution.

  • I didn't know about Vlad's case, that is just ridiculous! And as far as the AP goes, why wouldn't they want people quoting them?

  • I think this is a very touchy subject and it all depends how someone interprets it. With internet and social networking in full force, it's hard to control it.

  • I don't think it is a matter of trust. If people enter their information, that means they trust my site enough to let me handle the work, perhaps there should be a privacy policy.

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