Blogfodder Dump: 20070807


Back from a week in California…

Why Do We Suck? and Other Questions Political Journalists Asked Themselves at YearlyKos
Jay Rosen says: “I’ve been reviewing the press coverage, blogging and video from the Yearly Kos conference in Chicago and trying to make some sense of what happened between the press and the liberal blogosphere at this event. The main conclusion I have is….

…There is more respect expressed for the blogosphere, and a little less wariness between the two groups. (But let’s not overstate it.)”

The flavour of cool
The Economist asks: “Can e-mail newsletters recommending cultural events in the world’s big cities maintain their credibility as they grow?”

Slap in the Facebook: It’s Time for Social Networks to Open Up
Scott Gilbertson writes in Wired: “Damn the Facebooks and the MySpaces. The last time we checked, there was this thing called the internet that had 6 billion users. It’s time to take our personal data out of Mr. McGregor’s little gardens and put it back where it belongs — free and open on the open web.”

Tests for Customer Focused Companies
John Hegel on “customer-focused” companies: “I apply three questions to determine whether companies are truly customer focused. These three questions zero in on the most fundamental elements of a firm – decision-making power, performance metrics and brand promise. It is surprising how few companies meet these tests.”

Give ’em Something to Talk About
FastCompany asks: “Your product may be good, but will it spark a conversation?”