Widgets and page views and movies, oh my!


Being a few items that appeared in my feed reader yesterday afternoon. The analytics wave continues to build.

Monday, 5:10PM
Quantcast becomes latest widget traffic tracker
Says Matt Marshall: “More and more publishers and retailers rely on so-called ‘widgets,’ little boxes placed on other web sites, to deliver their news, entertainment and product advertisements. So measuring Web traffic to those widgets is important for deciding what content to deliver, and what sites to deliver it […]”

Monday, 5:26PM
IAB Intends To Develop Single Standard For Audience Measurement For Web Video
Says David Kaplan: “Now that Interactive Advertising Bureau has settled its dispute over general audience measurement ratings with comScore and Nielsen/NetRatings, the organization hopes to develop an industry standard for counting the amount of […]”

Monday, 6:47PM
Tyranny of the Page View Nearly Over?
Says Richard MacManus: “An AP report today states that Nielsen/NetRatings, one of the leading Internet stats services, will “scrap rankings” based on page views and replace it with how long visitors spend at websites. The reason is that […]”

Update: Techdirt Joe points out that applying a one-size-fits-all measurement to the Web is problematic. Others have also noted that the “time spent on site” metric is useful, but doesn’t necessarily capture the full picture.