T-shirts and Social Software


A couple of weeks ago I was talking to some friends about what “social” Web sites interested me at the moment; I got some odd looks when I said that Threadless fascinated me. Now that Guy Kawasaki has jumped on the bandwagon I’m not looking quite so eccentric, am I? Seriously, though: these people have transformed buying a t-shirt online into an extremely engaging social experience — that’s some pretty hardcore Web 2.0 alchemy.

But now Reactee wants in on the t-shirt 2.0 thing. You choose a slogan and a keyword. Reactee prints up a shirt with their logo and your slogan on the front, along with instructions to send a text message containing your keyword to a particular number. Should anyone actually choose to read your shirt and send the appropriate text message to reactee, they then receive a text message that you’ve written in return.

For those of you who are a little slow on the uptake, this would be the Web 2.0 equivalent of wearing a “lose weight now, ask me how” button. But without the need to engage in actual conversation.