I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time…


I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether the title of this post refers to:

  • Leaving debugging notes like “you should never see this” in your code, so that your users know exactly what it is they shouldn’t be seeing.
  • Depending so heavily on javascript for rendering your site that pretty much every visitor will see something like the screen shot below for several seconds as all the scripts process.
  • The very existence of a social networking site that does nothing but show you a graph of how much your “friends” in the network like you.

Rimzu screenshot

Another spell of insomnia, another odd Web site…


I actually put this together when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, but I didn’t really tell anyone about it until I couldn’t sleep Sunday night, so there wasn’t really any traffic the first day it was live. Not that there’s all that much traffic now, of course. Anyway, now, when I can’t sleep tonight, I’m telling all of you about it:

I saw Sarah Vowell introduce Ira Glass at a speaking engagement a couple of years ago. In the course of the introduction she made the assertion that Ira Glass is God. While I can appreciate her point of view, and this idea has led to some interesting theological discussions, my own beliefs have led me to undertake a much less faith-based initiative: determining whether the general public accepts the proposition that Ira Glass is a rock star.

In my heart of hearts I know without question that Ira Glass is a rock star, but I’m curious to see how far this realization has spread. The mechanism for discovery is a simple quiz that boils down to one question: when forced to make a choice, will you identify Ira Glass as God, as a rock star, or as something else entirely?

Go now. Let your voice be heard on the very important question of whether or not Ira Glass is a rock star. Or just go to sleep. Whatever.