Zune: words fail me


Administrative note: I know you feed subscribers are getting a double dose from my earlier del.icio.us link, but this is so sad that it bears repeating: Zune marketing continues its unhinged, erratic lurching towards absurdity.

Microsoft note: Look, make me a reasonable offer and I’ll take on Zune marketing. Come on, it could be fun — and could I do any worse?

You can get all the details here at wakeupmicrosoft.com, but the basic story appears to be that at 3AM this past Sunday, a Zune-branded truck stopped outside of 178 Ludlow Street on Manhattan’s lower east side and blasted the area with club music Justin Timberlake over its “competition grade stereo system.”

Oy. Whose idea was this? Microsoft does have employees in New York City, right?

  1. Manhattan? Not so big on the dB Drag Racing circuit. There are many areas of the United States where this “shiny SUV with loud stereo” thing would be well received. Ludlow Street, still largely residential, is not one of them.
  2. The jukebox at Max Fish (the bar at 178 Ludlow) has been well-respected since the early ’90s. While I haven’t been there in years, bass-thumping club music was not well represented on the playlist the last time I checked. You do the math.
  3. Based on the hipsterrific flavor of the Zune’s branding thus far, you actually wanted to be in Williamsburg, or possibly even Bed-Stuy, not the lower east side, anyway. Your music scene intel appears to be a wee bit out of date.
  4. If the Zunemobile isn’t already on its way back to CA, think Daytona Beach. Please.

Now, before the video, I’ll present an exercise for the student: which marketing project makes you sadder…the Zune truck blasting Justin Timberlake at 3AM in an effort to attract indie hipsters, or the Zune sponsorship of a UPenn frat party? 250 words or less, please.

And if you’re actually interested, here’s the video: