Rainbows, My Little Pony Crack Pipes, and DRM-Free Major Label Downloads


If you don’t read or subscribe to Daring Fireball, you should. Go now. Enjoy. Today Gruber offers up a little exegesis of Jobs’ Thoughts on Music (I’ve started to suspect that the blogging police will come around and pull the credentials of any blogger who doesn’t at least link to Jobs’ essay, so here’s mine, just in case.)

Now, to get my two cents in: Jobs’ essay has given an additional boost to the chorus of folks who believe that the demise of DRM is imminent; while I do believe that the demise of DRM is inevitable, I’ve noted before that I don’t think it’s coming as soon as some would believe. On that topic, Gruber pulls an NY Times quote from an unnamed music executive:

A senior executive at one company, who requested anonymity to avoid straining relations with Apple, said that while labels might experiment with other forms of copy-protection software, “we’re not going to broadly license our content for unprotected digital distribution.”

So yes, I do believe that music and DRM will part ways, but I still expect to see a lot more “but we just tried [insert half-assed consumer-unfriendly DRM-free download experiment here] and it totally didn’t work based on this metric that we just made up” protestations before it actually happens.