My VRM Honeymoon


A week off the grid does a body (and mind) good. Mona just took her first extended trip since Gwen’s birth (740 days ago, as it happens), so Gwen and I had our first week alone together. Very, very good.

While I’ve been off the grid for the whole week, I have had a few minutes here and there to think, and since very few of you read this seeking insight about my home life I’ll pass along a few of those thoughts.

I realized that I’m really enjoying my VRM honeymoon. You see, I started thinking about what Doc Searls now calls “vendor relationship management” a couple of years ago, after Doc posted some first thoughts on the topic. I can’t say that it’s been top of mind for me during that whole time, but it’s refused to go away. Then, a month or so ago, Doc kicked off ProjectVRM and I suddenly had a place to dump all stuff that’s been rolling around my head, to read more about what others are thinking, and start collaborating. And that makes for a pretty nice honeymoon.

You see, there will come a time when my backlog of thinking will no longer be sufficient to keep me making progress, and I’ll have to deal with time conflicts between VRM and everything else in my life. There will come a time when the groups working on VRM decide to go in a direction that irritates me, or feels inconsistent with my beliefs about or structural vision of VRM — though that direction may well be right.

There will come a time, in short, when the raw pleasure of sorting through an interesting and challenging problem will be mixed with the inevitable work required to create anything of value — sometimes frustrating, occasionally tedious, often difficult work.

As with the end of any honeymoon, what comes of that frustrating, tedious, difficult work will likely be even better than the honeymoon itself, and I’m even looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way, but…well, it’s still nice to have the honeymoon, you know?