Administrative Note: oops


So I have this little problem. I tend to accumulate domain names, Web/email hosts, shell accounts, and what-have-you. This has, over the years, resulted in the evolution of a web of redirection, forwarding, mapping, and re-redirection between the services running on these various entities that Rube Goldberg would consider impractical and excessive.

Why am I sharing? Well, it seems that one of the mechanisms that I sometimes use to send personal mail (from has not actually been sending messages to the intended recipients…nor has it been bouncing messages to any mailbox that I can remember setting up. Hmmmm.

I’ll be cleaning up the whole system over the next few days, but if you’ve been waiting for a reply to a relatively recent email, it’d probably be a good idea to contact me again as I may think that I’ve already replied to you.

For what it’s worth, if you’re waiting for a reply to a not-so-recent email it’d probably be a good idea to contact me again; I still may think that I’ve replied to you, but I’ll have to blame that on absent-mindedness rather than technology.