Zune’s CNN Train Wreck


Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Andrew Ross Sorkin presents the Zune on CNN, and so much Zune trashing and iPod boosterism ensues that it’s hard to decide what’s most painful for Microsoft:

  • That the new iPod Shuffle got more screen time in this segment than the Zune did?
  • That the most enthusiasm Andrew Sorkin displayed for the Zune was a halfhearted “so, ah, that’s sorta cool” about the much touted wifi song sharing feature?
  • That the tepid, ten second endorsement mentioned above was followed by a full minute of discussion about the Zune’s various limitations and weaknesses?
  • Miles O’Brien’s “why don’t they get some decent design people?” as the segment grinds to a halt?

Seriously — this couldn’t have been any better for the iPod if Apple had sent a script and a basket of hundred dollar bills to CNN. Watch and cringe.