Blogfodder Dump: 20061117


This business model is probably patented, anyway: Peter Zura proves himself a Renaissance man (patent and copyright) with the post Patent Troll, Meet Sample Troll.

It’s a small world, after all: the Online Press Gazette’s list of the “new establishment” of online journalism in Britain. Interesting read: note that the top ten can be summarized as “an Australian/naturalized American, another American, and pretty much anybody who works at the BBC or the Guardian. And oh yeah, the Daily Telegraph used to be pretty cool, too.”

It’s an interesting jumping off point for Friday musings: GigaOM’s Robert Young noting that Social Media is not Mass Media.

Identity, Privacy, and Taxonomy: Doc Searls continues to push “Vendor Relationship Management,” and suggests that all interested parties head to the December 4-6 Internet Identity Workshop. Unfortunately there’s no way I’m getting out to Mountain View two weeks from now — can somebody who goes drop me an overview?

Disillusionment of 10 O’clock: while Jason Calcanis’ departure from AOL is getting most of the blogtwitter, Global Nerdy also notes that Aaron Swartz apparently isn’t all that excited about being part of Wired.

Start swapping in words other than “search” and the real fun starts: Bill Burnham noting that Search + State + Metadata = A Search Application. Just sit and think about that equation for a while before you read the post, please. It’s worth the extra time out of your day.

Because that SCO thing worked out so well for everybody: Ballmer floats the idea that Linux uses [Microsoft’s] intellectual property. [Slashdotted, only intermittently available.]

I don’t really care about Etsy but this was really funny: Charley O’Donnell imagines various sites’ user response to two days of scheduled downtime.