A day late and a dollar short…


Back in October I heard about SlideShare — noted on Many-to-Many as “the YouTube of PowerPoint” — and decided that I was going to pitch my next Web2.0 idea as the Flickr of org charts.

Today I learn via Steve Rubel that somebody has already beaten me to the punch. Damn it. So let me introduce you to CogMap, the organization chart wiki. Now I’ll admit that their implementation is pretty 2.0, but there’s more to be done: come on, guys, we at least need RSS feeds to monitor changes to the org charts. Oh, and I expect an equity position for that idea, okay?

Update: In a related note, there’s some serious one-upsmanship going on in the world of Hollywood-style elevator pitches. Apparently MyFabrik is the YouTube and Flickr of online storage.