Can you help Snapfish?


Please, please help Snapfish. They’re looking for a Director of Customer Relationship Marketing who will, among other things, “be responsible for optimizing the relationship between Snapfish and its customers.”

If you do get any candidates in the door, could you make sure that they ask why — in 2006, for gods’ sake — the only way you can “share” the pictures that you’ve uploaded to Snapfish is by sending people a link that forces them to register for Snapfish before they can look at the “shared” pictures? And as long as we’re noting shortcomings, why is it that there’s apparently no way to get my pictures back out of Snapfish?

It would appear that we have a failure to understand who actually owns these pictures. Data lock-in is a classic, time tested approach to clinging on to customers even after you’ve pissed them off, of course, but these days I’ve got a lot of alternative services available and I’ve got the original image files, so Snapfish doesn’t actually seem to be in such a good position to strongarm me. It’s inconvenient to leave them, but not at all difficult.

According to the job posting linked above, Snapfish’s CRM Lifecycle runs “from Registration to Activation to Monetization to Loyalty to Advocacy.” They’ve clearly spent a lot of time on the first three items; on the last two…well, maybe I’d be more loyal and a better advocate if the company wasn’t forcing me to be their marketing/lead generation bitch.