Broken Angel Burns


This is really too bad: Broken Angel a…building transformed into uninhibited personal expression?…burned on Tuesday. It’s two blocks away from my home in Brooklyn, visible as I walk home every evening. Artist Arthur Wood has owned, lived in, and been adding to the building — the former Brooklyn Trolley headquarters — since 1979.

Searching the Web for more information, I found this incredible flickr set of the building and its contents, taken by Wood’s son, who grew up in Broken Angel. Growing up in this building, on the edge of bed-stuy in the 1980s no less, must have been quite an experience.

Wood is apparently accepting contributions to subsidize rebuilding, and I really hope that he can restore it, but I have my doubts about that happening: one of the side effects of the fire has been official notice by NYC that Wood has gone 25 years without ever discussing topics such as permits, building codes, or inspections with the powers that be.

Brooklyn Angel in Better Days

Brooklyn Angel on Fire