The New York Times Redesign: Keep Watching


Khoi Vinh says that the redesign of The New York Times site isn’t (for the most part) his doing, and as much as I respect his work I can believe it. Hiring an excellent architect/designer was a key step for the NYT, but it feels like that was just one step in a much larger online plan.

If you take a look at the hiring that the NYT has been working on recently for their online arm, rather than “Code Monkey, Grade II” and “Reporter who Knows Some HTML,” you see titles like “Creative Technologist” and “Futurist.”

While funky job titles are one of the things that I don’t miss much about Boom 1.0, in this case the titles point to some interesting thinking happening at the Grey Lady. The NYT seems to have made the leap to thinking about what they can do if they consider themselves as a company that uses technology (including printing presses, of course) to accumulate and distribute information, rather than as a newspaper that needs to have a Web site on Teh Internet.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

Update: Even faster than Microsoft…the NYT seems to be keeping an eye on what people have to say about their redesign. This post went live at 09:21 AM, and the NYT came by for a looksee at 10:14 AM.

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