RSS Withdrawal: Minute 49


my thoughts are with you, Newsgator guys

NetNewsWire wasn’t syncing when I got up this morning. “Eh, it’s a beta, I’ll dig around a little this evening and see if I can figure out what’s going on.” Got to the office. FeedDemon wasn’t syncing. “Hmmm…this isn’t good. This isn’t good at all.” So okay, the Web is my something-or-other, I shall not want: head over to…and get a “maintenance” page. No feeds for me. “Ouch.”

Technorati confirmed the outage, and I just now received an email from Newsgator Enterprise Server support, estimating that NG will be back online mid/late morning.

So I guess I can live without my input for a few hours…whatever withdrawal I’m going through, it’s far less painful that what the Newsgator folks are enjoying right now. Sorry, guys, and good luck.

Update: here.

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