I just neatly summed up a string of conversations that I’ve had in the last week or so with the sentence Eclipse feels a lot like Emacs 2006.” Now I’m sure that the Emacs faithful will point out that Emacs is Emacs 2006, but still…

The “sure, go ahead, extend it however you want” character of Eclipse is compelling and powerful, but also brings to mind my favorite snipe from the endless Vi/Emacs wars:

Vi Guy: Hey, I think Emacs is great, too. Actually, I heard something really interesting today: did you know that there’s actually a text editor embedded somewhere in Emacs? I still haven’t been able to find it, though.

Emacs Guy: Um, bite me.*

* Please note: as a Vi guy, it’s possible that I’m slightly mis-representing the Emacs position in this discussion.