Thoughts on California


Been bouncing around California this week, hence the light (nonexistent) posting. A few days in Carmel (Mona’s grandparents), a few days in a cabin in the redwoods (peace and quiet), and now a couple in San Francisco (quick check-in with some friends).

1. Holy crap, every time we’re there I’m struck by how beautiful Carmel is…I’m jealous of Mona’s grandparents, though: sounds like it was a really incredible place to live in 1955.

2. Gwen thinks that the Pacific Ocean is the most incredible thing ever.

3. It’s a little weird that a wood stove-heated cabin four miles from the nearest town (population under 1,000) down a one-lane, twisty road has broadband internet access. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

4. It’s even weirder that we managed to find what must be the only hotel in the San Francisco bay area that doesn’t have any in-room internet access of any sort. Beautiful view from our room, though, so again I don’t complain.

Back to the real world tomorrow with thoughts on family vacations, software development mindsets and methodologies, online identity, and my involvement with all of these things.