Calling an Asspatent an Asspatent


It was nice when Colin O’Malley noted the importance of the term “asspatent.” I was pleased to see that someone else understood how important (and fun) it was to be able to simply call an asspatent an asspatent, rather than having to go with a duller term like “patent of questionable validity.” I’ve been waiting, though, for an indication that the term was working its way into people’s everyday vocabulary — a sign that usage was not limited to gentleman scholars such as Colin.

I wait no longer. George Scriban yesterday referred to restaurant chain Ceriality’s patents covering serving cereal to their customers as asspatents. I’m so proud.

And for those of you who came to this party a little late, I’ll flatter myself by assuming that the term asspatent is pretty much self-explanatory, but it has its roots in this post that I wrote a year or so ago, if you’re curious.