Searchfox Beta Report: Day 0.5


I knew that I liked FeedDemon, the best RSS reader in existence, but I didn’t fully realize how much it would throw me to try to use another reader as my primary. So far I’ve found a number of things that I like about Searchfox, but I still keep wanting it to be FeedDemon…just because.

Anyway, I’ve been taking notes but not yet had the time to write up anything coherent; just so you all have something to mull over, though, I’ve come up with this little item…

One of the key elements of Searchfox is personalization, scoring feed items based on your behavior and using that data in a variety of ways. One of those ways is a little display box of “topics I like,” pretty clearly gathered by some sort of word frequency counts on highly-ranked items. This is still beta, folks, so there’s some tuning to do there: while the list is a little eccentric, the list of words does make for some excellent found poetry.

Topics I Like
By Whitney McNamara and Searchfox
Voice, path, partner:
return it! Skype me!
patent things, rss,
sell gene law tracking.
You think we be building?