Searchfox Beta Report: Day 0


After reading a fair amount about the new Searchfox Web-based RSS reader, I submitted a request to participate in the beta. Shortly after submitting my request I received a login and password; I poked around for a few minutes, found it intriguing, and decided to put together a few posts on the process of getting to know Searchfox.

And so it begins…

Day Zero
Return to the, type in username and password.

Hmmm…login failed. Must have used a different password.

Try another of my commonly used passwords. And another. No joy.

Okay, maybe I didn’t remember to change the autogenerated password?

Find email, copy and paste password.

D’oh. Must have gotten all security-minded and used a different password. Bad Whitney. D’oh, d’oh, d’oh. Okay, where’s the “I’m an idot, send me my password” function hidden?

Poke around the site. “Help” page totally unhelpful. Still no “I’m an idiot” button anywhere. Bad Searchfox. Send email to support, imagine recipient giving a deep sigh and muttering “what is this guy, an idiot or something?” under his breath as he reads the email.

Day 0 Score
Whitney: -1 for stupidity
Searchfox: -1 for not anticipating Whitney’s stupidity

Cumulative Score
Whitney: -1
Searchfox: -1