Gedankenexperiment #37: Bad Judgment Theater


Okay, let’s say that you were a “technology marketing and product launch specialist experienced in the management of integrated marketing programs ranging from brand identity development, product management, customer acquisition campaigns and Web application development,” and you lived in California.

Do you think that it would be a good idea to submit your resume and a stock cover letter — containing no mention of any software development skills or experience — for a job opening as a Java developer in New York City?

Take your time. Put as much thought into it as you need.

No, of course you don’t think it would be a good idea. Because if you did such a thing you’d be a dumbass, and you would be the reason that “the marketing guys” are on the receiving end of so much mockery and derision in many technical organizations.

Holy shit, this kind of crap just drains me. If you’re a good Java developer with some Perl and PHP, and live in NYC (or if you know such a person), drop me a note. Please.