A True Geek Definition of Web 2.0?


There’s a post entitled Web 2.0 Elevator Pitch over on Read/Write Web, which collects a variety of different people’s working definitions for “Web 2.0”. (In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, the topic has heated up again following Tim O’Reilly’s recent posting of a Web 2.0 meme map. And yes, that would be an image posted to Flickr, very 2.0.)

The R/WW post is interesting enough in itself, but it’s too bad that Dave Winer’s Web 2.0 musings yesterday weren’t included:

“What if Web 2.0 is actually about sex? What if you could choose — a bubble in which some VCs get rich, or a bubble in which we all get laid? Come on, seriously now. Given a choice would you rather hang around a party listening to some idiot talk about target markets and business models or have wild sex with the partner(s) of your dreams?”

Seems as good a theory to start from as any…I know a fair number of geeks working on “Web 2.0” stuff that would be pretty happy if it all turned out to be about sex rather than stock options this time around.