Podcasting, Podcatching, Whatever


Mike at Techdirt today posted BBC Takes A Step Towards Broadcatching? Apparently the BBC is taking the step of debuting a new sitcom online, and Mike writes:

The show will go online a week before it actually airs on TV, and then be available to download until a week after the series ends. What’s not clear from the announcement, though, is whether they’ll offer up any kind of RSS feed or enclosures for this. Also, it’s unlikely they’ll be using any kind of BitTorrent-like P2P tools to ease their bandwidth needs. However, just the idea of offering up a new television show for download at the same time as it’s playing on TV is an intriguing idea.

So the BBC isn’t yet “podcasting” — or whatever we want to call it when it’s non-audio content — but Mike’s mention of RSS enclosures and BitTorrent as relevant to this sort of distributrion reminded me of a link that was passed to me a few weeks ago: the Azureus BitTorrent client has long had an “RSS Import” plugin. Point the plugin at one of the RSS feeds that lists new torrents, provide it with a regular expression that defines the shows you want to capture and away you go — new episodes of the shows that you choose are automagically downloaded as soon as they’re available.


Oh, and the trend-conscious should note that this is so buzzword-compliant as to be a little frightening…RSS, BitTorrent, and search all at once. Mmmmm.