Nick Bradbury on Microsoft, RSS and Attention


Nick “creator of FeedDemon, the best RSS Reader ever”* Bradbury wrote an excellent post entitled Microsoft, RSS and Attention yesterday.

It actually meshes really nicely with my post yesterday, but Nick’s focus is specifically on “attention” data, that being a subset of user generated data that service providers are really, really interested in having. Says Nick:

Your attention data is very valuable to the services that collect it, so there’s not a lot of incentive for them to give it back to you. But even though you’re paying those services by giving them your attention data, that shouldn’t mean that they own it. It’s your data, and you should be able to share it with other services so that they can use it to make recommendations for you.

Read Nick’s entire post, please, and follow the links he’s got in there. These issues surrounding ownership of network-defined identity are only now gelling into something that we can understand and start to work with, and so now is the time that we should start working with them.

* Note that I’m thinking of changing the nickname to “author of FeedDemon, the best RSS reader ever, which should totally be ported to OSX because I’m currently torn between my love of FeedDemon and my love of everything else about my powerbook”, but that seems a little unwieldy.