Wists: “Visual Bookmarking”


Just got pointed to Wists — a “visual bookmarks” tool. Think del.icio.us with an image associated with each tagged link.

My 60 second feedback is:

– Wists offers a couple of features that del.icio.us users currnetly lack, but want…the ability to designate your items as public or private is compelling (good).

– Wists offers some tools that seem to push it a little further in the direction of networking/explicitly social software. Could be a benefit for the ever-so-necessary process of community building (interesting, potentially good).

– The “email this link to someone” functionality, while cool, better be pretty well locked down: tagspam is already showing up all over the place…if it’s combined with regular spam, that could be a real pain in the ass (good, but with potential for evil).

– Because it’s got the whole “add an image” element on top of tagging, the bookmarking process is currently two steps, and seems a little rough. May be that the bookmarklet just doesn’t currently play nice with firefox, though (less good).

– I’m a word guy. Despite enthusiasm on the part of people like Om Malik, my biases are such that I have a hard time believing that adding an image is all that useful…the users will have to prove to me the images consistently add useful information/value to the system.

– The item above notwithstanding, the fact that the majority of the images that I saw in the “recent items” list were the logos of the site being linked does indicate a possible commerce-friendly approach to social bookmarking that has started my “when do they get bought out” counter going.

More in a couple of weeks. Send word or comment if you have thoughts on Wists to share.