Ads via RSS: Weblogs, Inc./Google and Slashdot/Feedster


I noticed earlier today that Slashdot has very tentatively started putting ads in its RSS feed, apparently powered by Feedster. Since the FeedsterMedia site wasn’t as locked down as it probably should have been, I also learned that ads have been (or shortly will be) running in some of the Freshmeat and Sourceforge feeds, as well.

On the heels of that discovery, I was pointed to Jason Calacanis’ post noting that Weblogs, Inc. has started running Google-powered ads in some of their feeds. Dave Winer is not amused.

  • It was exactly as locked down as I wanted it to be. – Miker (Feedstermedia Admin)

  • Hey, Mike –

    Sorry, no intention of casting aspersions on my part — when I IMed Feedster support to ask about it earlier in the day, the response was something along the lines of “d’oh, that’s not good, gotta fix.”

    Obviously whoever I was talking to didn’t know the whole story.

    – Whit